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February 05, 2008


In the context of multi-channel marketing, convergence, and 'redefining ourselves', I can understand why this decision was made. There are plenty of reasons to consolidate these events, and it's not a difficult argument to support. Therefore, to be honest, I would have been tempted to and may have made the same decision if it were mine to make. However, with all of that being said -- I do believe it is an easy way out. There are so many exciting things going on with the list industry right now. Mailing lists are being refined, integrated, enhanced, and marketed like never before. The search engine marketing tactics being used to promote them is creating an entirely new and exciting trade for list managers. We should embrace that & tell the world about it -- yes, the world. We're seeing lots of internationals coming on-board in 2008 due to the presence of an web-enabled marketing platforms for lists and datacards.

So if there were an opportunity to vote -- I'd definitely vote 'Yes' to bring it back!

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